“rejected after failing”

First one of these in ages. What to say?

I’ve done things.

I do things now.

I thought it about time considering I’m older than Évariste Galois ever was. Dead at 20. The only mathematician I’ve ever known who’s died in a duel.

I didn’t know him really to be honest. Just his Wikipedia page, which his pretty eventful. Suicidal father; a stormant of the the Bastille; a child genius at numbers and doing things with them; dying in romantic contest with a comrade in revolution.

By 20, I think I’d realised I’d never even play for Stenhousemuir.


The last few months have been better though. I got a trial at Stirling Albion (rejected after failing a medical) and so started running a comedy night and things. It’s been fun. I’ll try recount some more things soon.

I’m mainly writing this to fill some time before Would I Lie To You with Rob Brydon. Words haven’t come from my hands in a while, and it was about time. An urge, before some hilarious comedy panel banter. Possibly with some Fern woman or something.

I’ll enjoy myself.





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