Monthly Archives: October 2010

To come

I’ll try do this properly. I mainly wanted to say there was a nice moment in ASDA today when the self service checkouts were in unison and two machines harmonised a wonderful chorus of ‘unexpected item found in bagging area’. It made me chuckle. Was it worth creating a blog for, and then being influenced to create a new Twitter account, and thus a new Googlemail account, just because when you google my name it’s the first thing that comes up and as my job is going to involve a lot of social media from now, there’s a chance some important healthcare sort will stumble upon it and found out how much of an idiot I am, and how obsessed I am by variations of ‘foam Picard’ as a take on Hamlet’s ‘own petard’.


I meant to write more, but all the above took like two hours and I’m tired.